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Nightpaws - My Bio

So far so good...You've caught me in the middle of planning and experimenting with this new landing page. The layout and content look fairly decent so far, and now I'm just working out what to fill these boxes with. A few more style changes (might add some nice icons) and It's done!

I'll be rewriting this bit and will tidy the source as I go along, and hopefully at some point it'll resemble a finished site. Till next time though, catch you around!

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Below is a list of all the conventions I will be, or have attended, how long I was there, and what pack/role I had during the con... Probably more for my record than anyone elses to be honest.

Upcoming Conventions

  • Confuzzled 2024 (Definitely)
  • Eurofurence 2024 (Maybe)

Previous Conventions

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